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Fees & Payment

● Fees

Application Fee (including administration and insurance) NT $6,000 (USD $210)
Program Fee (USD $900) Waived (Click Here)
Chinese & Culture Class NTD6,000 (USD $210)
Accommodation (including a set of beddings) NT $5,000 (USD $175)
City Tours Tainan NTD $1,800 (USD $65)
Kenting NTD $2,500 (USD $90)

*City Tours would be cancelled if not enough registration.
*For PRC students, NTD$1,000(USD $35) for “Entry Permit to Taiwan” will be additionally charged.
*If you're NCKU students, please email at for detailed fee information.


● Payment

After filling the application form, you’ll receive the confirmation letter and payment details in 3-5 days.


● Refund Policy

Application fee & Entry Permit Application to Taiwan:


Chinese & Culture ClassAccommodation & City tours:
    1. 80% refundable if students cancel before June 30.
    2. Non-refundable if students cancel after July 1.

*Students need to cover the banking charge if they want to apply for refund.


Process for Refunding

Refunding process can only be handled after the program ends due to the official and financial requirements. It will take at least one month to proceed the refund.

Please expect to receive the money in late September or October.


Apply for Refund

Please contact at