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Fees & Payment

● Fees (*Full Payment)

Application Fee (including administration and insurance) NTD 6,000 (USD 200)
Program Fee (USD 900) Waived
Chinese Language & Culture Class (This class will be cancelled if not enough participants enroll) NTD 6,000 (USD 200)
Accommodations (including a bedding set) NTD 5,000 (USD 160)
City Tour Tainan City (optional)**  NTD 2,500 (USD 80)

*Students need to cover the bank fees of these transactions.


**The City Tour would be subject to changes depending on the number of participants.                             

Note: For PRC students, NTD 1,000(USD 35) for their "Entry Permit to Taiwan" will be additionally charged.   

● Payment

After filling out the application form, you will receive a confirmation letter and payment details within 35 days.


● Refund Policy

  • Application Fee & Taiwan Entry Fee:



  • Chinese Language & Culture Class, Accommodations, and City Tour:

    1. Cancellations on or before July 17th will BE eligible for an 80% refund.
Cancellations on or after July 18th will NOT be eligible for a refund.


  • Refund Process:

Refunds can only be processed after the program ends due to official and financial requirements. Please note that it will normally take at least one month to process any refund, with refunds usually received by late September or early October.


  • Apply for a Refund:

Please contact us at em50963@email.ncku.edu.tw