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Life in Tainan

On-Campus Accommodations

Rooms will be arranged before students arrive. The Office of International Affairs will assign a Buddy, a volunteer student, to assist students with the dorm check-in process.


Name of the Dorm




Lodgers per Room

Ching-Yeh Dorm 3


Double share


l  Air-conditioner
l  Refrigerator
l  Elevator
l  Internet

      (without Wi-Fi)

Ching-Yeh Campus





Campus Environment & Facilities

NCKU is located in Tainan City, Taiwan. The university is situated across the street from the Tainan Railway Station, a location offering highly convenient transportation. The total area of the school is 185.6 hectares, which includes 11 with diverse campuses which academic buildings, research centers, libraries, museums, dorms, and sports fields spread in. NCKU is one of the most spacious and beautiful universities in this country.

Click the link below for more details: http://web.ncku.edu.tw/files/13-1000-161108.php?Lang=en  



• BuddyBuddy Program

A group of local student ''buddies'' will be recruited to provide a helping hand during the program. For example,  they will assist you with language support, guidance concerning the location of campus and surrounding sites, and information about life at NCKU.




• Food & Travel

Taiwan’s food culture is very much rich and diversified due to the country's history and geographical location. Thus, Taiwan is regarded as one of the best food destinations in the world. If you’re a die-hard food junkie, do not miss this place. And be careful, don’t gain too much weight!

*Where to get amazing Taiwanese food? Go visit the night markets!