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• Introduction

The NCKU College of management presents: Virtual courses on International Entrepreneurship for Global Challenge: Empower Tomorrow’s Innovators.

Innovative and insightful core courses for both undergraduate and graduate students will be offered.  Focus will be on social enterprise management in relation to cooperation in sustainable development. Features include a broad range of economic, social and environmental management concerns regarding water quality, business models, biological systems, and needed behavioral changes. Apply Now!



• Details


          Date: 2020/8/25-2020/8/29

          Time: 10:00 a.m. – 17:00 p.m. 

          Application Deadline: 2020/08/06(Extended)

          Program Fee: Waived 



A. Core Course (0 credit, Taught in English)

Global entrepreneurship:

  • Start-up concepts for young innovators in developing entrepreneurial solutions that meet global challenges and increase role and awareness in the SDGs implementation.

B. Chinese Language and Culture Class  (0 credit, Taught in English)

  • Immerses participants in the unique Chinese cultural atmosphere and experience.

C. Lecture from Innovators (0 credit, Taught in English)

  • Successful entrepreneurs share authentic experience and guide students in developing innovative ideas, enterprise skills and knowledge. 


• Highlights

- Innovative learning solely facilitated via NCKU’s online platform
- Interdisciplinary lectures held by top experts from NCKU
- Study with international students from overseas universities
- Workshops and challenge-based learning – moving from theory to practice
- Unforgettable cultural experiences – Chinese language and Chinese culture classes
- Welcome and farewell online ceremony


• Meet Out Instructor 

1. Tainan Enterprises’Cultural & Arts Foundation,CEO

Chung-Li Yeh, 葉重利


2. WaCare, Founder

Ren-Hao Pan, 潘仁豪


3. Sanrey Environmental, Technology Co., ltd., Exporting General Manager

Pauline Kuo, 郭芝蘭


4. Plan B Inc., Senior Partner

Liang-Yi Chang, 張良尹


5. CoFishland CO.,LTD. Co-founder

Yi-Pei Liao, 廖宜霈


6. Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd, International Sales

Sally Li, 李家瑩



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