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Worldwide Universities Network Virtual Summer School

Apply & Funding

  • Full-time enrolled university students (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • English proficiency (as the courses will be taught in English)

Step 1.  Apply through our ISA(Incoming Short Activities) system : NCKU Incoming Short Term Activities System

Step 2. Receive confirmation letter & payment details.

            (Applicants who apply for funding will be notified the results at the same time.)

Step 3. Make payment on ISA system or cash transfer.

Step 4. Confirm your admission on ISA system.

Step 5. Fill out the questionnaire on ISA system to sign up for optional courses.

            (For those who don't fill out the questionnaire won't be included in optional courses)

Step 6. Completion of application process.


There is limited funding available from the WUN and NCKU for applicants with particular financial needs or have difficulties to fund their participation in the program. Applicants who want to award funding could fill out the funding form.

The WUN and NCKU will allocate funding based on the information applicants provide and inform results to selected applicants before they make payment.

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