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● Fees (*Full Payment)


Note1: Accommodation fee NTD3,500 (USD125) (NOT included)
Note2: A certificate will be issued after the completion of the program. For those who need credit recognition, please consult the office of academic affairs of your university.
Note3: Lists of eligible partner schools:
         ‧  WUN: https://wun.ac.uk/wun/universities      
         ‧ SATU: https://satu.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1036-82.php?Lang=en (There are 54 universities in Taiwan are members of SATU)
        .TCUS: https://www.tcus.edu.tw/TradChinese (NCKU, NSYU, NCHU, CCU)
*Students need to cover the bank fees for these transactions.
***Students from Partner schools need to be nominated by school coordinator.                     


● Payment

After filling out the application form, we will review and screen the applications. The selected participants will receive a confirmation letter and payment details after June 20th.


●Refund Policy

For on-campus students:

1.For COVID-19 or force majeure reasons (need to provide supporting proof): Full refund*

2.Others: a. Cancellations on or before July 21th will be eigible for the refund of 30% program fee+Exploring-Tainan course+accommdation fees*

                 b. Cancellations on or after July 22th will be eligible for the refund of accommdation fees*

*According to the refund redulation of Housing Service Division, cancellation of accommodation need to be applied one week prior to the check-in day for the refund (application fee and handling fees are not included)


For virtual students:



●Refund Process

Redunds will be proccessed only after the program ends, due to officail and financial requirements. Please note that it will take at least one month to process any refund. Therefore, refunds may be expected around late September or early October.

Apply for a refund: Please contact us at  em50963@email.ncku.edu.tw