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● Circular Economy Workshop



In CE workshop, students will be split into a few groups and brainstorm ideas with other international students from different universities and culture backgrounds.


Professional lectures are provided by our enthusiastic professors. After this two-week course, students absorb new knowledge and present what they have learned in the final symposium.




● Chinese Class



Beginner and Intermediate Chinese classes will be offered to participated students based on their levels of Chinese learning. 

In class, we provide not only interactive lectures but also interesting activities to learn Chinese such as ordering drinks at local restaurants.  It’s the best chance to start a conversation in Chinese and connect with friendly local people.



● Culture Class



Student will learn about Taiwanese culture through a variety of culture-based activities such as seal carving, traditional food cooking, Chinese paintings and opera make-up. 

Take the seal-carving class for example, students will get basic knowledge of the way Chinese characters were created and make their own Chinese name stamps on soft stones.



● Field Trips & Company/Factory Visit



CE workshop has been cooperated with TaiSugar which is one of the largest company in agriculture industry in Taiwan since last year. Students will learn how to make CE ideas into practice during their visit in its factory.

In addition, Tainan also supports a host of factories. Within the program, students will have the chance to visit them and get deeper insights of Taiwanese business and industries.




● City Tours



On the weekends, city tours will be arranged for students to create unforgettable memories.

Tainan, which is the oldest city in Taiwan, is famous for its temples, historic buildings and delicious cuisine. It’s the best place to explore for both stomach and soul.

In addition, there are only three spots for Mud SPA in the world. Guanziling Hot Spring in Tainan is one of them and famous for its mud-properties which will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Thus, it’s also regarded as a natural source of beauty treatment.


Kaohsiung, the second-largest city in Taiwan, preserves rich aboriginal Hakka culture and combines it with local tourism. Through hand-made activities provided in the tour, students will get to know Taiwanese history and culture better.

Besides, Taiwan, as an island surrounded by oceans, makes itself a paradise for water sports and snorkeling. Let’s jump into the cool water in such a hot summer time  discovering amazing sea life and creatures with friends from all over the world!