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• Introduction

      The 2021 NCKU International Summer School will feature an "Sustainable Environment, Myth or Reality?" as the topic, and will offer hybrid course( on-campus+virtual) for both undergraduate and graduate students. The United Nations (UN) has established 17 sustainable development goals as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. This summer course will include 9 sessions, each session will cover a specific SDG target. Other than the core course, We also provide field trips featured to related local infrastructures/industries, Crash Course  in Chinese and  City Tour for extra options.


• Details

Date: 2021/08/02-2021/08/11

Application Deadline: NCKU Students : 2021/06/30
                                      Non-NCKU Students : 2021/06/20

Number of Participants:  50 students with virtual participation

Format: Virtual

All courses are offered in English!     


1. Core Course ( 2 credits)

 • The course includes 9 sessiona, each session will cover a specific SDG target. The goal is to cover 9 of the 17 goals in the course, such as Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communties and so forth      
2. Crash Course in Chinese (Optional)
 • The coure is offered by the Chinese Language Center of NCKU. In this summer school, we designed the course to teach "Survival Chinese" for daily use to help students communicate in Mandarin.

 • Subject to the limited resources and the quality of the course, we may have to limit the number of participants. 



• Improve your presentation, leadership, sustainable project management and proposal writing skills.


4. Exploring Tainan (0.5-credits, Optional)

• The course id offered by the Exploring Tainan office of NCKU. Students participated previously in this course had the opportunity to choose among the diverse routes purposely arranged by the Office. such as Zeelandia and the Retrospective Anping, Chikan Park Area and Historical Traces and so forth. By jioning the summer school, students will get the chance ti join this classic NCKU course to experience the rich history of Tainan in a fun-filled day tour, while walking with unforettable memories.



Time Table


   *Noted: The above courses/schedules are subject to change.


Meet Our Lecturers

 Dr. John Harrison                                            Prof. Pi-Cheng Chen                                      Prof. Chih-Hua Chang

 Doctor of Engineering                                                        Assistant Professor                                                         Associate Professor

 Department of Environmental Engineering                    Department of Environmental Engineering                  Department of Environmental Engineering

John                          prof. Chen                         Prof. Chang                    



Prof. Hsiao-Wen Wang                                     Prof. Yu-Ting Wu                                            Dr. Rodney Matsuoka

Professor                                                                            Assistant Professor                                                          Research Assistant Professor

Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering        Department of  Engineering Science                            International Relations Division

Prof. Wang                         Prof. Wu                         Dr. Rod         



Prof. Ling-Chun Hung                                     Prof. Tsair-Fuh Lin

Associate Professor                                                          Professor 

Department of Political Science                                      Department of Environmental Engineering 

Prof. Hung                        Prof. Lin                         


Organizer :            Co-organizer :