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   The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), located in Taiwan's ancient and cultural capital – Tainan City, is one of Taiwan's top research intensive universities and a leader in promoting industry academia cooperation. According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings, NCKU is ranked 225th in the world and 2nd in Asia. Also, according to 2021 THE World University Impact Rankings. NCKU is ranked 1st in Taiwan, and 2nd in Asia. With more than 1,900 faculty members, 21,000 students and 140,000 alumni worldwide, NCKU is best known for the comprehensiveness of the fields of study, which includes science, engineering, medicine, management, and planning&design.


    NCKU encourages students to practice– "Pursuit of truth through exhaustive reasoning." Therefore, NCKU not only offers a solid foundation in chemistry, mathematics, physics, optoelectronics, and plasma research, but also conducts pioneering research in precision machinery,  advanced materials, naval mechatronics, and aeronautics and astronautics. Advanced research in computer software, systems, and information services also make NCKU a leader in electrical engineering and computer science not only in Taiwan, but worldwide.


    NCKU moreover provides its students with courses in liberal arts and social sciences. Whether it is multidisciplinary programs for students to acquire comprehensive knowledge, or behavioral research connected with economic, political, or cultural issues, NCKU strives to cultivate students' interdisciplinary abilities, commitment to social improvements, and broader outlooks.


    Furthermore, NCKU values its influences not only on society, but also the natural environment, by promoting industry ecosystem development and sustainable innovations. Cutting-edge research competence allows NCKU to be a strategic partner with our government in green energy and sustainability matters. NCKU is willing to lead our society in advancement with its strong and diverse research endeavors.


    Last but not least, NCKU's students can enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Tainan City and the delicious, interesting food that can be found throughout our city. The city's libraries, public artworks, historical buildings, tree-shaded campuses, and wide variety of extracurricular activities can diversify and argument students' splendid campus life.


    With its diversity, influence and vision, students at NCKU can exploit its abundant resources to fully explore their interests and creativity in diverse academic fields, further connecting themselves to society and the world.